Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental

Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental w/ Price from Mysore Wheels
Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental w/ Price from Mysore Wheels

Bijapur, officially called Vijayapura (city of victory), is a heritage city in Southern India. It is known for various monuments of historical importance. Gol Gumbaz is the most popular. It is one of the biggest domes in India. And it attracts a lot of tourists. Book a private cab from Mysore Wheels to visit this tourist attraction from Mysore.

Mysore to Bijapur distance is 610 km. And it will take you about 10 hours to go to Bijapur by road. On the way, you will pass through other heritage places. With a rental cab from Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental Service, you can stop by to visit the forts, mosques and palaces in those towns.

Most monuments in and around Bijapur have the influence of Islamic architecture. But you’ll also come across relics in various other architectural styles. You can take a tour of different gardens too.

When you book a car rental with Mysore Wheels, you will have access to the premium vehicles in our fleet along with excellent customer service. No matter how many passengers are in your group or what your budget is, we have a model that will suit your needs. Choose from our comprehensive list of vehicle types as given below:

Your Car Rental Options from Mysore to Bijapur

Hatchback Car Rental


Mysore Wheels makes it easy for you to save money on your car hire with our hatchback rental. For those on a budget, a hatchback rental car is big on performance yet small on cost.

Innova Car Rental

Toyota Innova

A Toyota Innova from Mysore to Bijapur car rental service is one of the most comfortable and spacious vehicles available. This option is perfect for you, if your family or friends have to travel together.

Sedan Car Rental


Whether you need a roomy car for more flexibility, or ample boot space for all your luggage and other equipment, a Sedan car rental from Mysore Wheels is your go to vehicle for all your mobility needs.

SUV Car Rental


Mysore to Bijapur rent a car service offers SUV for long road trips, making it convenient to ride in style no matter where you might be. Reserve this top quality rental car to enjoy a driving experience like no other.

Force Tempo Traveller Rental

Tempo Traveller

Hiring a Tempo Traveller from Mysore Wheels makes travelling together in a big group easier than ever before. With ample seating and cargo room, the vehicle can meet a range of needs for you and your passengers to ride in comfort.

Mini Bus Rental

Mini Bus

A Mini Bus from Mysore to Vijayapura Car rental service provides a lot of leg, head and shoulder space for everyone travelling with you. Thanks to the incredible amounts of space in the vehicle, all your passengers can travel together as a team.

What to expect with Mysore Wheels

  • Pickup from any location in Mysore
  • No hidden fees in your Mysore to Bijapur car rental fare
  • Affordable prices along with break up of charges in detail
  • Any additional charges and night charges applicable will be mentioned in the itinerary 
  • Vehicles in top condition
  • Friendly and Reliable customer service 
  • Well trained and well mannered drivers 
  • Flexibility in operating hours

Why book with Us?

  • Choose from our wide fleet of vehicle options in Mysore
  • Online booking option available
  • No cancellation fee upto 48 hrs
  • Easy to book Mysore to Vijayapura Car Rental service
  • Round the clock customer support

Price / Tariff / Packages

Two Day Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental Package

Vehicle OptionDurationKms IncludedPackage Cost
Tata Indica2 Days1200 km₹ 12300
Swift Dzire2 Days1200 km₹ 13500
Toyota Etios2 Days1200 km₹ 14700
Chevrolet Tavera2 Days1200 km₹ 15900
Toyota Innova2 Days1200 km₹ 18800
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)2 Days1200 km₹ 21200
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)2 Days1200 km₹ 22400
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)2 Days1200 km₹ 36100
Bus (49 Seater)2 Days1200 km₹ 48600
Mysore to Bijapur one day car rental package cost includes Driver Batta, Parking & Toll gate charges.

Multi Day Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental Tariff

Vehicle OptionPrice / KmDriver Bata
Tata Indica₹ 9250
Swift Dzire₹ 10250
Toyota Etios₹ 11250
Chevrolet Tavera₹ 12250
Toyota Innova₹ 14250
Tempo Traveller (9 -12 Seater)₹ 16350
Tempo Traveller (13 – 14 Seater)₹ 17350
Mini Bus (18 – 20 Seater)₹ 28400
Bus (49 Seater)₹ 38750
Driver Allowance / Bata listed is per day. Parking & Toll gate charges not included.

One Way / Drop Only Car Rental from Mysore to Bijapur

Vehicle OptionSeating CapacityOne Way Fare
Hatchback | Tata Indica4 + 1₹ 9300
Sedan | Swift Dzire, Etios4 + 1₹ 10200
SUV / Toyota Innova7 + 1₹ 14100
Mysore to Bijapur one way fare includes Driver Batta, Parking & Toll gate charges.

Quick Info

Mysore to Bijapur Traffic Information

It takes 10 hours to cover the 610 km distance from Mysore to Bijapur. This road trip is on wide national highways and you’ll enjoy a smooth ride with a Mysore to Bijapur car rental.

Also, Mysore to Bijapur road trip is via heritage sites like Chitradurga and Hampi. So, you can take quick detours by booking a private cab from Mysore Wheels and stop by to explore those places. Kushtagi and Ilkal are other tourist places on the way.

You can also drive to Bijapur via Hubli. The distance of this trip is 693 km. And it will take over 12 hours. But you can book an overnight stay near Hubli, instead of driving directly to Bijapur. You have towns like Badami, Patadakkal and Aihole to visit on this way.

Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental Service
Mysore to Bijapur Car Rental Service

Sightseeing destinations in Bijapur

Bijapur is known for Gol Gumbaz and other historical monuments. Given below are some of the popular places to visit in Bijapur with a Mysore to Bijapur car rental:

1.  Gol Gumbaz 

Gol Gumbaz is a circular dome in Bijapur. It is the tomb of Mohammed Adil Shah. Also, check the Echo Chamber and the Whispering Gallery within the complex.

2.  Ibrahim Rauza 

Ibrahim Rauza is considered the Taj Mahal of the Deccan that you can visit with a car hire from Mysore Wheels. It is where the remains of Adil Shah ruler Ibrahim Adil Shah II, and his wife Taj Sultana, are kept. 

3. Chand Bawdi 

Chand Bawdi is a water tank built by Ali Adil Shah for the new settlements during his reign. The surrounding complex housed the maintenance staff. But royal members also used it.

4.  Bijapur Fort 

Bijapur Fort is enclosed within a moat of 50 feet that you can reach with a Mysore to Bijapur car rental. This historical site has a number of structures built by rulers of different dynasties.

5.  Malik-e-Maidan 

Malik-e-Maidan is known for the large cannon showcased here. Around the cannon’s nozzle, you can see the shape of a lion’s head with open jaws. An elephant is shown as being crushed to death within those jaws.

What to do in Bijapur

Bijapur is known as the ‘Agra of South India’. It has many historical attractions influenced by Islamic architecture. The city has mosques, tombs and palaces for you to visit by booking a Mysore to Bijapur car rental.

You should also check out the shops for local handicrafts and artefacts. Things like Lumbini jewellery, sandalwood items, and Ilkal sarees belong to this area.

And if you want to taste local cuisine, try Kaipalya and Lakupalya. You can also check out other delicacies like raagi and akki rottis, Bisibele Baath, and Idli with a variety of chutneys.

About Mysore

Mysore is a city with royal mansions, colourful gardens, and an open evergreen landscape. The majestic Mysore Palace and the backdrop of Chamundi hill are its prime attractions. Along with these, there are many other places to see in Mysore such as historic monuments and ancient temples to explore.

Large-scale manufacturing plants and cottage industries are also plenty in Mysore. You can find genuine sandalwood products, coffee and silk attires.

Winter, from November to February, is the best time to visit Mysore. And while you plan your visit, also get a weekend to witness the royal grandeur of Bijapur. Explore the neighbourhood and other places during your Mysore to Bijapur road trip offered by Mysore Wheels.

You can book a Mysore to Bijapur car rental and explore the place with ease. The affordable rates at Mysore Wheels allow you to enjoy luxury cars at economic prices, whether you need a rental for business or a vacation. Our customer service is also available 24/7 to assist you.

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